【CTOLD Culture】 ep2 中外周家拳 - 陳更強

【CTOLD Culture】 ep2 中外周家拳 - 陳更強



第二集中外周家拳 - 陳更強師傅

中外周家拳既招式和套拳包括: 招手擒拿, 七星掃堂腿, 花拳, 萬字拳及柴椿拳等等

歡迎分享或轉載同我地一齊「傳承武術, 推廣搏擊,撐香港師傅!」

Any single technique represents the culture of Kung Fu

CTOLD use camera to capture the features of each faction

The 2nd ep we invited Sifu Billy Chan from Chau Ka

Chau Ka's skills include 招手擒拿, 七星掃堂腿, 花拳, 萬字拳及柴椿拳 etc.

Please share and let's - Inherited Kung Fu, promote combat sport, support HK Sifu



Photography - Wei-chu

Progamme director - Wei-chu

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